Social Science Citation Index


A slightly different type of indexing and citation service is provided by the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI). One of the SSCI services is the forward search. To use this service, we would initially know of at least one article that supplied useful information on the topic we are interested in. By entering the pertinent information about this first article into a computer search, we can quickly find out what other journals have cited this same article. It stands to reason that if a second article cites this first article (which we already know to be relevant), then the second article may also be of interest to us. Pursuing this line of reasoning a bit further, we might want to know what additional books and articles (besides the one we already know about) were cited by this second article. We can obtain this information from SSCI.


Figure 3.7 shows an example of the sort of printout we can obtain from SSCI. By using SSCI in conjunction with ERIC, PsycINFO, and the other indexing services, it is possible to compile a comprehensive bibliography that will enable us to zero in on the information needed to attack a research problem.


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Social Science Citation Index


Social Science Citation Index

Although the Social Science Citation Index may be available online at your library, it is not available free of charge to the general public. This site simply describes the characteristics and specifications of this service.


Social Science Citation Index is available by subscription through the Web of Science. A free demonstration of Web of Science is available at


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