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Glasser, W. The quality school. (1990). Phi Delta Kappan, xx, 425-435 . This article gives a brief but comprehensive introduction to the ideas expressed more fully in the author's book on The Quality School.

Glasser, W. The Quality School. (1990). New York: Harper & Row. This book gives a detailed treatment of Glasser's application of control theory to the development of schools that enable students to produce quality work.

Lepper, M.R. & Hodell, M. (1989). Intrinsic motivation in the classroom. In C. Ames & R. Ames, Research on Motivation in Education: Goals and Cognitions (Vol 3). New York: Academic Press. This readable article discusses the rationale behind why external rewards often reduce intrinsic motivation, the circumstances under which this negative impact is likely to occur, and ways to enhance intrinsic motivation.

Mager, R. You Really Oughta Wanna. (19xx). Belmont, CA: Faeron.
Spaulding, C.L. (1992). Motivation in the Classroom. New York: McGraw-Hill. This book provides an excellent synthesis of motivational theory with numerous practical examples. In addition, the author integrates motivation with personality theory much more completely than does the present textbook.

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Intrinsic Motivation
Interpersonal Motivation
Summary of Intrinsic Motivation
Motivating Through Curriculum
Reinforcement and Punishment
Affective Aspects of Motivation
Physiological Aspects of Motivation
Cognitive Aspects of Motivation
Needs and Motivation
Attribution Theory
Development and Motivation
Motivation as a Personality Characteristic
Teacher Expectancy
Social Aspects of Motivation: Classroom Structure
What Teachers Can Do About Motivation
What Parents Can Do About Motivation
What Students Can Do About Motivation
Chapter Summary
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